Administration - Office/Admin

Join this course to learn the basics of Skynamo's Office/Admin portal

Viewing the Timeline - Office/Admin

The timeline will provide an in-depth summary of all the interactions taking place on Skynamo.

Managing the Calendar - Office/Admin

You can assist your team by viewing all their planning for the month on the calendar, and you can also add any tasks or scheduled visits that you require them to do.

Managing Customers - Office/Admin

Manage your entire customer database in one place, viewing the customer's specific timeline, their details, and adding any files related to them.

Products - Office/Admin

Managing your product database, and enabling your field team to have all the relevant information and files available on the mobile app

Handling Quotes/Orders - Office/Admin

From the Skynamo web interface, you have the ability to submit quotes or orders as your customers require them. Depending on your integration settings, these can be linked directly to your ERP system.

Forms - Office/Admin

You can view form results to extract data from the field, or you can fill out the forms from your computer as and when needed.